Saturday, December 1, 2007

Please Welcome Seth Dunham

My name is Seth Dunham. I am a Generation Tech at a Modesto power plant. My aviation background is 5 years of hang gliding, and 30 years of having a father who is a pilot.

This year I began flying cross country in my hang glider by going to the Owens Valley and flying from Walt's Point south of Mt. Whitney where I climbed to 13,200 ft. and then headed north along the eastern Sierra slopes with a nice 20 mph SSE tailwind. Landed 30.5 miles from launch. This experience got me thinking about sailplanes and their cross country potential. So I joined NCSA.

I look forward to flying with and contributing to NCSA. I also look forward to going cross country in both types of gliders.

Happy Landouts;)

--Seth Dunham