Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Serendipitous Discovery

The search for Steve Fossett, who is presumed to have crashed somewhere in the Sierra Nevadas, has not yet located the wreck of his plane, but it has found eight other unknown wrecks.

It reminds me my junior-high vice-principal, who ordered a student's locker searched after being told he had brought a gun to school. They didn't find a gun, but they did find a knife, a chain, and a hashpipe.

-- Johan Larson

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The View from the Tow Pilot's Seat

Rember at the last safety seminar Mike mentioned how hard it is to see over the nose of the tow plane? I thought it was an important point he made and found this opportunity to show what it looks like. Especially for the newer members. I haven't had any close calls or worrisome moments recently. I just thought it might be a good point to reinforce now that more operations will be returning to Byron this month.

You will notice that this picture is taken as I sit in the seat normally without moving side to side. It is pretty easy to hide from my sight when in front of the plane. If you are in front of the tow plane and the engine is running, you should be highly concerned about my ability to see you. Be assured I am highly attentive about the people around 16Y, but in the rush to get started and going out on the runway... I might miss someone.

--Tom Hail