Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NCSA's Newest Member

We had 2 "firsts" on Sunday:

CONGRATULATIONS to TRISTAN DUPLAN - NCSA's newest member on his first glider solo, and to PAUL McDONALD on his FIRST GLASS SHIP CHECK-OUT.

Sorry, no picture - Paul worked non-stop on Sunday as our very efficient Field Manager for 27 tows - Thanks to Leonardo Pavese for the 27 tows!


Ken Ferguson's Last Tow Day

Saturday, May 23rd, was Ken's last day towing for us in Byron and he experienced the roughest ever tows, with winds at the end of the day of SW 25Kt gusting to 30Kt. The tow plane rocked up, down and sideways, with the glider attempting to follow.

We celebrated his hundreds of tows for NCSA (137 tows in 33 hours in 2008) with chocolate cake and cherries.

See you in the air Ken, and thanks for the tows.


And special thanks to Ken for all the tows he volounteerly provided us (especially me...) during weekdays, saving some of us the agony of seeing a great soaring day goes wasted. Some of my best Byron flights were on weekdays thanks to Ken.

Ken, you will be missed. Hopefully you'll have more time to fly your own glider now...



Thanks for all the tows the last few years. I'd like to echo Ramy's comment... some of my most memorable flights from Byron were on weekdays, which wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for you.


Friday, May 15, 2009

New Glider Rating!

Congratulations to Paul McDonald- from his first flight in a glider 29 years ago to his commercial glider rating!

Dan Gudgel writes it up.