Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Re: Looks like another wave weekend.

Amazing isn't it? 
I plan to start early on Saturday, if possible.
Anyone else ...?


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This will be 5 Minden wave weekends in a row.  Odds are this could be the last one until Fall. 
Think wave,

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I strained my back about ten days ago and am still recovering, so won't be up this weekend.  But please keep me posted re future wave events if there are any more before the thermal season takes over.
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I agree  ... the low level winds are on the light side so it will likely not be ripping wave ... should be good for an OLC League speed run.  
I am giving a wave talk in Mojave on Saturday morning so it will be Saturday afternoon and Sunday for me
Think wave,
Jim Payne
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Subject: Looks like another wave weekend.
Hi Jim,
Do you agree with me and are you planning to fly? 
If so what are your plans?