Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Glider Instructor Mike Voie

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Congratulations to Mike Voie, who became a Flight Instructor Glider today in Byron on Independence Day, a pleasant day, with a cool breeze (17Kt down runway 23, just strong enough that Mike decided agains a crosswind landing!). Here he is before the Checkride

And another photo after he completed the Instructor Glider Practical Test, and a little cool water was poured on his head to wash the perspiration.
Examiner Dan Gudgel and Tow Pilot Boris are congratulating Mike

Mike will now ask for "willing victims" to sample the new CFI-G

Well Done Mike!

I am soo happy to have another instructor to share the load,...


New Member Dhiren Ghandi

Welcome to Dhiren, (pronounced as in "the rain", as in "the rain in Spain"), Gandhi who became a new NCSA member today, a pleasant, quiet Independence Day in Byron!

The above photo was taken last weekend, with MikeVoie and Ray Rauen. Dhiren lives in Danville and works for San Mateo County. His youngest son has just graduated from High School and Dhiren now has time to learn how to fly, which has been his desire for many years