Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Results of the Safety Seminar

Some 59 attendees were present during the recent NCSA 2008 SAFETY SEMINAR at Byron Airport on Saturday, February 23, 2008. They heard the following presentations:

Ramy Yanetz: USE OF RASP & BLIP MAPS as a Planning Tool for Safe XC Soaring from Byron;

Mike Schneider: BYRON AIRPORT OPERATIONS - REVIEW of RECENT INCIDENTS, with focus on Preflight Checks, Canopy!, Spoilers! - Runway Incursions, ATC communications;

Dan Gudgel, Examiner and Meteorologist: WEAK AREAS ON CHECK RIDES, Examiner Lessons Learned, Weather Source Considerations;
Richard Pearl: ACCIDENT REVIEW - COMPLACENCY as a large factor in accidents (presented by Dan);

Thanks to Monique Weil who qualified this seminar for WINGS credit. The presentation materials will be made available on the Internet in the near future.

By Dave Cunningham

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Saturday – February 23, 2008

8:30 –9:00 SIGN IN. -Bring FAA Pilot Certif # & SSA #, + Dates of Flight Reviews: "BFR" + "BthdayRide" update personal data in "Ringbinder"- Must be registered on FAASafety.gov for 2008 WI NGS CREDIT (new FAA WINGS handout - Monique)

9:00- 9:30: RAMY YANETZ: Use of RASP & Blip Maps as a Planning Tool - for Safe XC Soaring from Byron; go/nogo decision points

9:30-10:15: MIKE SCHNEIDER- BYRON AIRPORT OPERATIONS (incl. emergencies; collision avoidance) -RECENT INCIDENTS; focus on: PREFLIGHT CHECKS - CANOPY! - SPOILERS! - Runway Incursions; ATC comm.

10:15 -10:30: BREAK

10:30 -11:15: DAN GUDGEL, EXAMINER + METEOROLOGIST: WEAK AREAS on Check Rides = Examiner Lessons Learned + Weather Source considerations

11:15-12: 00: RICHARD PEARL -ACCIDENT REVIEW - COMPLACENCY as a large factor in accidents

12:00: LUNCH - Richard Duggan